June 5, 2020

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M Law Personal Firm Overview

Marderosian Law possesses a great deal of large- and mid-sized law firm experience handling personal matters for both plaintiffs and defendants. This includes personal injury cases arising out of auto accidents, premises liability, slip and falls in privately owned locations open to the public, products liability, and various other areas. We have vast expertise in both prosecuting these cases for injured plaintiffs and defending against such claims on behalf of drivers, homeowners, individual proprietors of businesses, manufacturers, and numerous others. Marderosian Law applies its experience defending against injury claims to anticipate the opposition’s approach and thus provide the greatest benefits to its injured clients.

Our firm also has some of the most experience anywhere in the increasingly common and difficult area of parental alienation, which most often arises out of marital dissolution and child custody/support cases. Marderosian Law’s creative approach to this rapidly growing area of law places us at its forefront. Rather than repeatedly seeking civil relief from domestic relations courts, or pursuing criminal actions under the rarely-enforced “visitation interference” law, we instead file lawsuits for money damages as a means to compensate loss, preserve parent-child relationships, and obtain leverage that is far more effective than other approaches.

Marderosian Law also counsels individual clients in their personal disputes in a wide array of areas including products, home construction, mortgage and other real estate disputes, consumer protection, securities/investment disputes, and others. We provide legal and title agency services for residential and commercial real estate transactions on a more personal level than other firms who practice only in one of these areas on a far more impersonal, high-volume basis. We represent our clients in these personal matters as though they are our own.

Our firm also possesses expertise in criminal matters including DUI, drug possession, other misdemeanors, violent and non-violent felonies, and even capital crimes. Marderosian Law has the experience of a former Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney to provide incredible insight into the strategies of prosecutors, anticipate criminal exposure, and exploit weaknesses in criminal cases against our clients. We also have expertise defending against white collar offenses such as embezzlement and other financial crimes. Marderosian Law understands that innocent people often do get caught in dragnets, and that even guilty people have constitutional rights that must be protected for the benefit of all citizens.

Marderosian Law focuses on providing our individual clients with the most personal attention while obtaining the best results possible. We focus on what is most important to our clients and tailor our representation accordingly. Like the business side of our practice, we apply the wealth of our experience working in big city law firms on a personal level with our individual clients. Marderosian Law thus provides its clients with big firm experience and small firm attention.




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