June 5, 2020


Fotolia 332155 Subscription M e1299709430789 Testimonials “When I met Steve for the first time, I was impressed right away with his knowledge of the law and his creative approaches to issues. He was resourceful, talking about how his wife’s expertise enhances his own, and was incredibly passionate and energetic in his approach. I was confident from the moment I met him that I could not have found better and more caring lawyers.”

Aaron T.

“Steve took a very contentions home construction dispute to jury trial for me and my wife. His command of the courtroom and the jury was as impressive as his passion for our case. He made us feel almost like we were the ones arguing to the jury, and his use of technology to explain the issues to the jury stood miles apart from our opposition, resulting in a nearly 6-figure verdict. I cannot imagine a more competent and passionate representative.”

Ron Z.

“I met Steve a few years ago at a networking event and immediately recognized him as someone I wanted to work with. When he started martial arts, in which I have earned 2 black belts, I knew he would excel due to his passion and commitment. This all made it automatic for me to call him when I was ready to set up my own business. He gives me more advice than I expect, often doing some work for no charge, and always leaves me certain that he has my back.”

Michael H.

“Steve and Kendra handled a death case involving an auto accident with my adult son, and comforted me right from the start. I knew they cared about my loss and they made me feel secure in helping my daughter-in-law and grandchildren recover for the loss of their father. Their initial demand was so convincing that the driver’s auto insurance company agreed within weeks to pay its policy limits without even having to file a lawsuit. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Mark J.

“I got pulled over for a DUI and possession of narcotics and paraphernalia and knew I had to call Steve and Kendra even before I had to exit my car. They quickly zeroed in on a single line in the police report that was not what I had reported, and concluded that the basis for the stop was bogus. I watched Steve in court exploit that flaw brilliantly with the prosecutors, which got me a plea deal dropping most of the charges including the summary suspension of my license. In just 1 year and a nominal amount of fines, my driving record will have no convictions. I will send everyone I know who needs a personal or business lawyer to Marderosian Law in a heartbeat.”

John M.

“I worked with Kendra on a 7-figure fraud case involving the sale of a business. She was instrumental in preparing and questioning critical witness and in cross-examining a vital expert witness against us. While it was a team effort, we could not have secured our ‘not guilty’ result without her. She is a brilliant strategist with a strong passion for winning, and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Mark B.

“Steve handled a parental alienation case for me and I knew immediately that he is about the best attorney I have ever met. He cared about the emotional toll my case was having on me and listened when most others would not. After my eldest son invited only my ex-husband and his wife to a school parents’ event one year, the next year I was the only parent he invited. He was the only lawyer who saved my relationship with my son, and I will never forget it.”

Rebecca M.

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