June 4, 2020


M LAW now offers enhanced in-house investigative capabilities.

A law firm’s enhanced formal investigation capabilities streamlines the process of building a solid legal case, determining whether the target of a lawsuit has sufficient assets to warrant litigation, and providing due diligence before entering into litigation or contracts.  The benefits to the law firms clients are tenfold.

enhanced in house investigative capabilities TOGETHER, SHAPING THE FUTURE

M LAW now offers enhanced in-house investigation capabilities to enable more thorough information gathering without incurring the expense of typical outside investigations. By obtaining greater investigative capabilities within, M LAW now is able to combine its superior legal services with stronger tools to identify assets, expose financial fraud, and provide better asset protection. M LAW’s President, Steven A. Marderosian, is also undergoing formal detective training in these areas to augment further the benefits in M LAW’s clients.

M LAW is known for delivering the high quality legal services clients expect from big law firms, but with the personal attention of a smaller practice for a far superior value. For business and personal representation, the addition of superior investigative capabilities uniquely qualifies M LAW to provide more comprehensive legal representation, risk management, insurance assessment, dispute resolution, business operations consulting and more.