June 4, 2020

Real Estate and Related Litigation

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Kendra Marderosian has vast experience handling residential real estate transactions for both buyers and sellers. She also maintains status as a title agent with Chicago Title & Trust. Many home buyers and sellers feel their attorney does a minimal amount of work and simply goes through the motions to get through the closing and collect a fee. Ms. Marderosian does not follow this all-too-common model; she goes the extra mile, review RESPA and other forms for accuracy, and ensures that the documents reflect what they are supposed to before advising her clients to complete a closing.
Steven Marderosian has extensive skill handling real estate litigation, including title disputes, enforcing contract obligations, and seeking warranty relief. Mr. Marderosian was able to defeat a strong specific performance case in which a plaintiff-buyer alleged countless acts of fraud and misrepresentation by his defendat-seller




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