August 4, 2020


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Steven A. Marderosian
Mr. Marderosian has a decade and a half of general business counsel experience representing entity owners and officers, entrepreneurs, insurers, professional service providers, and other individuals and entities in vast array of areas. He focuses the business side of his practice on advising clients in various business, commercial, indemnity, insurance, and other matters including:

  • Entity formation and maintenance
  • Business and commercial contracting
  • Risk management and litigation avoidance
  • Insurance coverage including review and evaluation
  • Alternative dispute resolution and commercial litigation
  • Title litigation including competing lien priority
  • Business consulting and assistance

Mr. Marderosian’s experience includes representing individuals with their legal issues. He focuses the personal side of his practice on advising clients in various injury, contract, asset protection, injury, and other matters including:

  • Personal injury and parental alienation
  • Defamation and reputational injury
  • Real estate and mortgage/lien/title litigation
  • Contested estate litigation
  • Construction defects and other personal warranty/contract disputes

Over his career, Mr. Marderosian has amassed nearly 40 solo jury verdicts trying cases involving auto accidents, construction accidents and defects, and consumer and other fraud claims. He has won numerous trial verdicts before judges in various contract and other business disputes, and has handled several appeals, including giving oral arguments to panels of appellate court justices.
Mr. Marderosian has prosecuted successful cases involving real estate and title disputes, contested estates, employment discrimination in federal court, and the unique and novel area of parental alienation. In conjunction with Ms. Marderosian, he also has represented criminal defendants successfully in DUIs, drug and paraphernalia possessions, and other matters, and also has obtained favorable settlements in personal injury, wrongful death, and defamation cases.
While Mr. Marderosian’s vast trial and appellate experience benefits his clients in litigation itself, it also has equipped him uniquely to represent businesses as a general counsel, and individuals as a personal attorney. He applies his knowledge of countless actual trial and appellate court outcomes to anticipate issues and troubles and negotiate terms to help his clients solve problems and limit or avoid litigation. His litigation expertise provides an unmatched ability to evaluate disputes and determine cost-effective resolutions based on bottom lines and risk management concerns.

Some of Mr. Marderosian’s many business law accomplishments include:

  • Defeated $2,000,000 legal malpractice claim by judge’s directed verdict before jury trial
  • Won dismissal of $1,500,000 real estate fraud/specific performance case, affirmed on appeal
  • Assessed $785,000 jury verdict value estimate 4 years before actual $785,000 jury verdict
  • Won summary judgments eliminating competing title liens and advancing lien priority
  • Awarded oral argument in 2 straight appeals by court that heard only 3% of all cases orally

Some of Mr. Marderosian’s many personal representation accomplishments include:

  • Won $500,000 intentional injury case by ‘not guilty’ jury verdict, affirmed on appeal
  • Compelled $200,000 consent judgment in parental alienation/defamation case before jury trial
  • Secured strong DUI and drug/paraphernalia plea deals (in conjunction with Ms. Marderosian)
  • Leveraged stoppage of offending conduct in 100% of parental alienation cases prosecuted

Mr. Marderosian began his practice with a mid-sized Chicago law firm where he won numerous solo jury verdicts defending against personal injury claims arising out of auto and premises accidents. He then worked with a large Chicago firm, continuing his solo and co-counsel jury trial success in complex injury defense, professional liability, commercial litigation, and related appeals of trial court decisions and verdicts.
Mr. Marderosian then joined a mid-sized boutique Chicago law firm where he expanded into general counsel business representation. He focused his practice in corporate law, business contracting and consulting, and a full spectrum of commercial and business litigation including real estate, unfair business practices, finance, trade secrets, and other intellectual property matters, as well as appeals of trial court rulings.
Mr. Marderosian then moved his practice to Wheaton where he joined the partnership of one of the largest law firms in DuPage County, Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC. There he continued his general counsel practice, expanding into title and estate litigation, employment law, and contested business dissolutions. He also began developing his personal injury and property damage practice, including parental alienation, construction defects, contract disputes, and other personal litigation matters. He currently remains Of Counsel to Clingen Callow & McLean.
With his wealth of personal injury and commercial litigation expertise, as well as his vast general business counsel experience, Mr. Marderosian consummated his aspiration of launching his own practice by joining forces with his wife, Kendra A. Marderosian, to form Marderosian Law LLC. This firm’s practice draws on their combined 30 years of legal experience, including Ms. Marderosian’s as a former State prosecutor and private attorney practicing in injury defense litigation, white collar criminal defense, real estate, and securities litigation.
Mr. Marderosian’s approach to performing legal services is simple: Provide clients with decades of big Chicago and mid-sized law firm experience with the close and personal attention only a small firm can provide. He becomes not only an advisor to business and personal clients, but also their partner in addressing legal issues and solving problems. Marderosian Law LLC was created precisely to provide big firm experience with small firm attention.

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Kendra Thramann Marderosian
Ms. Marderosian has over 15 years of litigation and real estate experience representing investors, professional service providers, owners and officers, and other individuals and entities. Her practice for individuals focuses on advising clients in criminal, securities, real estate, and other matters including:

  • Criminal defense in DUI, drug, felony, violent, and capital offenses (former prosecutor)
  • White collar criminal defense including embezzlement and other financial crimes
  • Securities litigation before the SEC, FINRA, CBOE, and federal/state courts
  • Real estate transactions and mortgage foreclosure defense
  • Personal and property injury prosecution and defense

Ms. Marderosian also handles various business law matters including:

  • Securities litigation for broker-dealers
  • Title agency representation

Ms. Marderosian began her practice as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County, focusing primarily in appellate argument and juvenile criminal prosecution, as well as representing state interests in abuse and neglect cases.  She then served as the Director of Investigations for Chicago Public Schools, responsible for ensuring the integrity of investigations of potential abuses by employees of the Chicago public school system.
After leaving the public service sector, Ms. Marderosian worked with a large Chicago firm where she expanded her practice to include medical malpractice and general personal injury defense. She then moved to California and worked for a Los Angeles white collar criminal defense firm, where she represented individuals and businesses in federal investigations and related civil litigation, including winning a ‘not guilty’ arbitration verdict from a retired federal judge in a $30,000,000 fraud case.
Upon returning to Illinois, Ms. Marderosian continued to work with attorneys in Los Angeles and additionally, joined Mr. James J. Moylan in his multi-state securities litigation practice based in Colorado, where she continues to represent investors and broker-dealers in various securities litigation and investigations matters.
Ms. Marderosian has now partnered with her husband at Marderosian Law LLC. This firm’s practice draws on the combined 30 years of legal experience, including Mr. Marderosian’s as a highly experienced business, jury trial, and appellate lawyer.
While Ms. Marderosian’s extensive criminal, civil, and real estate experience benefits her clients directly in these areas, it also enables her to help clients in broader ways. She applies her knowledge of actual trial court, appellate court, and arbitration outcomes to anticipate issues and help her clients avoid exposure and negotiate favorable pleas and settlements. Her criminal, civil, and real estate expertise enables her to determine the most practical and cost-effective resolutions based on what is most important to her clients.

Ms. Marderosian’s approach to representing clients is efficient and thorough. She gives her clients the wealth of her years of big Chicago and Los Angeles law firm experience while providing the responsiveness, empathy, and compassion that can come only from a small firm. She stands with her clients as a close partner to address legal issues and solve problems. Marderosian Law LLC was created precisely to provide big firm experience with small firm attention.

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