June 5, 2020

Personal Injury

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Steven Marderosian has nearly 40 solo jury verdicts defending and prosecuting personal injury cases. In nearly all cases he has defended, he has obtained verdicts for significantly less than he offered in settlement. In all cases he has prosecuted he has won verdicts far exceeding the highest settlement offers made before trial. Marderosian Law has vast experience handling personal injury cases involving bodily injury, property damage, breach of warranty and other contracts, defamation, and parental alienation.

Marderosian Law conveys the passions of its clients in seeking recovery for personal losses, whether bodily, property, reputational, or financial. We possess unique abilities to internalize our clients’ perspectives, emotions, and motivations and convey them effectively to judges and juries alike. We pride ourselves on taking over the emotional burdens of our clients and using that passion to maximize the financial awards and secure the best results possible. And we focus our personal attention to each of our clients, not giving more to the bigger cases or clients and less to the smaller. We ensure that each client’s case is treated as importantly as each client sees it.




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