June 4, 2020

Parental Alienation

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Formally recognized by the Supreme Court of Illinois as Loss of Affections and Companionship of a Minor Child, the parental alienation claim is a vital tool in today’s increasingly widespread and contentious divorce world. Divorcing parents often find themselves fighting against the brainwashing of their children against them by the other parent. While it seems fathers suffer more often from this too-common occurrence, it is just as devastating for mothers when they are the target, and they often are. It is not about father’s rights; it is about parents’ rights.

When it comes to custody and visitation, divorce courts and judges must focus on the best interests of minor children, typically meaning whether court-ordered parenting time is occurring. Yet this parenting time often is wasted trying to get children to open up and re-establish trust due to the other parent’s lies and disparagement. But divorce courts can do only so much to help, in the most extreme cases entering contempt orders that have little impact on the offending parent. The divorce courts are overloaded, often leaving parents only to try to reach agreements.

As attempts to agree fail, the quality of the parenting time suffers and thus effectively is lost… forever (children will never be the same ages again). If this cycle continues, children could be lost entirely either forever or until they grow up after their childhood years are gone. The suffering parent must choose between extortion (paying the other parent more in hopes things will get better), losing the parent-child relationship, or seeking damages for past losses and/or gaining future leverage. This is why the parental alienation claim has become so essential.

Marderosian Law has rare experience with parental alienation claims, representing both mothers and fathers. This includes one very serious case for a father that went to trial. Not only did the risk force the mother to sign a $200,000 consent judgment against herself, but she also finally stopped trying to destroy the relationship as a means to get more money out of the divorce case and allowed the relationship to flourish. The separate lawsuit held her accountable for past acts and, more importantly, created leverage that gave him relief that the divorce court could not.

Marderosian Law works with its clients and their divorce lawyers to ensure all avenues are pursued to prevent the loss of the parent-child relationship. Our extensive jury trial experience conveys to opponents that we will aggressively pursue our parental alienation claims to verdict, but our rare experience in pursuing these particular claims also gives us a major advantage because most other attorneys have no such experience. We give our clients the means to protect their relationships with their minor children when other avenues fail.




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