August 3, 2020

Criminal Defense

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Marderosian Law has vast experience and expertise handling criminal matters, including traffic offenses, DUIs, various misdemeanors, felonies, violent and capital crimes, and white collar cases such as embezzlement and other financial offenses. We have years of prior attorney experience with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, prosecuting violent and capital felonies and winning approval for older minors to be tried as adults for these crimes. These years of criminal trial experience from the State’s side provide us with a profound understanding and ability to anticipate the strategies of prosecutors, allowing us to plan and position our clients for optimal defenses.

Our attorneys also garnered extensive front-line experience while clerking for criminal defense attorneys, assisting in a wide array of violent felonies, including criminal sexual assault, criminal conspiracies, and murder. This experience includes obtaining multiple “second chair” trial verdicts and performing countless primary evaluations of criminal defendants’ capital and other serious felonies through inmate interviews at the Cook County Jail in Chicago, Stateville Prison in Joliet, the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center prison in Chicago, and other facilities. Just as our attorney experience from the prosecution side, our experience from the defense side also provides us with a deep appreciation for the importance of making early evaluations of criminal cases and determining how to minimize defense weaknesses and maximize strengths, while also identifying and exploiting prosecutorial weaknesses.

Marderosian Law recently secured a highly favorable plea deal in a DUI and narcotics and paraphernalia possession case (which included several other traffic offenses) that was very strong for the prosecution by exploiting only subtle indications as to the questionable nature of the police stop that led to the arrest. Pressing the risk that this constitutional issue could defeat the State’s entire case despite the strength of its evidence, we convinced the prosecutors to drop the statutory summary suspension of our client’s driver’s license (very rare under the facts at issue) and to dismiss all other charges in exchange for a plea deal on only 2 of the less serious offenses. Our client avoided any convictions on the multitude of charges with very limited fines and just 12 months of court supervision.

Marderosian Law draws not only on its experience in criminal law matters but also on its expertise in litigating civil cases, to determine powerful strategies to conduct effective investigations, eliminate issues through pre-trial motion practice, secure favorable defense witnesses, and diminish harmful prosecution witnesses. Our extensive criminal and civil litigation experience enables us to obtain favorable plea bargains or, if necessary, to win at trial before both judges and juries. We can win for our clients both on the briefs and at trial.




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