June 5, 2020

Contested Estate Litigation

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Marderosian Law possesses rare expertise in contested estate litigation. Most lawyers are either estate planners or litigators, but not estate litigators. We fill this gap by applying not only our experience in contested litigation itself, but also our extensive expertise in other litigation areas. This provides us with effective strategies to win contested estate cases either in pre-trial motion practice or in trials before juries and judges.

These disputes typically involve effective theft of estate assets by family members, friends, counselors, or other persons who were close to someone when they died. It is a very personal, and can be a highly frustrating, area of law for clients. Some cases involve a person having a new will prepared and signed by the estate holder in their last days of life, when they likely do not really understand what they are signing and how it will affect the distribution of assets after they die. More complicated cases often involve a person “assisting” with the estate holder’s finances and inducing him or her to re-title accounts as joint in nature, giving the person joint ownership of the balances with rights of survivorship and thus preventing the money ever from going into the estate at all.

In all these cases, Marderosian Law understands not only the legal issues involved and how to position a client’s case optimally, but also the highly personal and offensive nature of the wrongful conduct especially when it seeks to deprive lineal descendants from receiving their parent’s (or other family member’s) estate assets. Working with our clients and assuming their emotional burdens, we counsel them through the difficulties and find ways to win for them.




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